Magento Responsive Admin Template

A Fully Responsive Templates for your Magento Admin shop is a MUST HAVE tool to help you working smothly on all mobile devies anywhere and anytime. The product is exclusive and top Best Seller!!! Demo FrontEnd PRODUCT DETAILS REVIEW SUPPORT DISCUSSION Professional interface of website will increase your sale volume is a certainty. But what lies behind the website, Admin panel is no less corncern and do you know why Magento Responsive Admin template was created? Admins always want to manage data intelligently and love to see numbers and charts neat and clearly. Beautiful user interface make this product always … Continue reading Magento Responsive Admin Template

Improving your conversion rate from existing traffic

If you are also a retailer, have your ever thought that you will be the formidable opponent of the giant like Amazon and Walmart or at least you desire to compete with them? If our answer is yes, you should build an actually powerful online selling system. So, the core of your marketing strategy should be conversion rate, not just traffic because traffic is just the visible part of the iceberg. There is one thing which is always true that a company selling well will gain high conversion rate. That is the evident truth. A common mistake of many business … Continue reading Improving your conversion rate from existing traffic